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If you have any good ideas for us to do send us a letter, let us know your ideas and put a little donation in your envelope, with your suggestions help support on Naked Church
If you know of any person or family that needs our help, let us know, a little donation and 250 words or less reason why we should help. You also can, it would be very nice, even just to put a donation in the envelope, that's right we would not be here if it was not for your donations and your membership.

                                           Special Monthly Prayer
Once a month we take all the envelopes that you send us with donations whatever you can afford, with a message or just a thank you note, we take all the envelopes and messages and put them in a big bowl and we pray for the sender and for your message. Also for good health happiness and all of us girls sit around naked completely naked with some wine and cheese and bread and we pray and we pray and we drink more wine. We pull out one or two envelopes with two messages and we contact the sender by e-mail. So don't forget to put your e-mail address in the envelope.   (Iif you like)
                                             Tithes and Offerings
Please put a donation in an  envelope. (cash, check, money order)
that's right we would not be here if it wasn't for your donations and for your memberships.
Thank you for your support and God bless you.

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