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Naked church live is your place for naked news. Our goal in life at this time is to explain the naked lifestyle to you. God tells us to take care of all the nooks and crannies of our body.  Do not have feet of clay. Some of the problems of the  people in the world are being overweight and fitness.  Take care of your heart by eating right. Breakfast is a very important meal. Yes, Naked church live this is old news, but naked news keep repeating it so you will remember before your heart tells you to make adjustments in your lifestyle. We at Naked church live - naked news have seen that an article will focus on your internal organs to eat better, smaller plates  of food. There are many people who will write a positive article for Naked church live - naked news on Weight-loss. Take your time and with God's eternal help and scripture naked church live - naked news will put you in the right mindset to remember in determining how to improve your appearance. Naked church live - naked news focuses more on your fitness on the outside the Butt-muscle and biceps captures a lot of people's attention. These are very important in life to remember to lose weight. True believers please don't follow the myths to lose weight. At naked church live our naked news video is sometimes about weight-loss myths. The number one reason for heart attacks is body-fat and exercise. There is plenty of evidence not myths at Naked church live - naked news that proves those factors. A good image is evidence of a God life style. Naked church live does believe 1 muscle is more important than money 8 thousand dollars, Naked church - live Naked news has reported. When Peter lost weight and reached their goals, in his lifestyle there was a change and it created a daily routine which captured the attention of lots of females every day compared to Peter and Renee turning away from God and towards greed. Naked church live - naked news knows God and Jesus do not like greedy people and the love of money. And that was more than a century ago. So don't believe money is more important than your butt-muscle because that is one of many myths about money. Breakfast has the most important food of the day at this time. Every day adjust what you eat for breakfast like 1 avocado a day. Eight days in a row we say slow down and take care of yourself. At naked news  we never have a mirror in our video, not even 1 video will you see a mirror only 18 and over and Naked church live naked news will proudly salute every person. Stop and think. Eat more veggies and practice fitness and Weight-loss will seem like no problem. You know what's right for yourself. You don't need writers to keep repeating what you and Naked church live - naked news already know. We spoke with two friends of mine Peter and Rene who were able to lose weight eventually by eating veggies every day for 18 days straight. For Peter and Renee, eating veggies for 18 days shows a positive attitude. Naked church live - naked news report on all naked news positive compared to Fox news. The best news video is here at naked news. Our articles are the best and change from time to time, compared to other writers at other naked news outlets. The writers at Naked church live - naked news look for articles for believers and then create a video for your enjoyment. Sometimes we at Naked church live - naked news go round and round not to break 1 rule that was written in the Bible. We at  Naked church live - naked news salute Peter and Renee for the change in their lifestyle and losing weight for themselves and their internal and external happiness. Remember believers putting your negative culture thoughts behind you can be a factor so act fast to proceed every day with just trying to keep in shape. Remember every day lose a couple of ounces by eating veggies and that can mean a change in yourself to meet your goals. Naked church live naked news best writers go round and round eating breakfast every morning to put together the best all - around videos on fitness, eating more veggies and smaller plates of food. Naked church live - naked news is at war with body-fat and a bad life style for yourself. Naked church live - naked news is determining how to compare a positive article every day to bring you progress and change on nutrition and heart health in life. Any article by Naked church live - naked news writers will not be corrupted by money in the process. We are here at naked news to bring the world evidence on fitness,  positive heart healthy food to eat and determining how to have a fun lifestyle. That is our goal for you believers, yourself and our self at naked church live - naked news. The most important muscle in your body is your Butt-muscle. Yes, by evidence your Butt-muscle is important for walking, running and it seems to improve external mindset during Weight-loss. Naked church live - naked news has a positive article to speak on health every day and our goal is to our best to dispel myths because we do not want to lose any viewers here at your place for naked news and the church.