Your secret confessions !
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Confessions Anonymously
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In this Nudist Internet Church you can confess your sins in this blog forum completely anonymous or read other members secrets and confessions that other Christian nudists have shared with Naked Church Live. Jesus says Give Me All Your Burdens I will forgive you. Let it go and start a brand new day burden free.

Confess your sins completely anonymously.

Confess any of the 10 Commandments that you have broken.

Confess any sex acts that you feel guilty about. Remember this church is a Nudist Church, Naturist Christian Church and we also do not believe being bisexual, a heterosexual, lesbian, homosexual or whatever is a sin. Having sex with underage teenagers and young people under 18 is a sin and is against the law that would be something you would confess and ask God to forgive you.
 Women or Men confessing actually feel enlightened to know that someone may read it and perhaps reply to your confession anonymously. Everyone likes news good and bad news, and that's how we learn.

Naked church is in the top 10 best nudist blog sites, top 10 local Christian nudist log site, and the top confessions anonymous site for nudist and naturist.
(The Internets latest viral Oddity,)
nudist church naked church Internet Nudist church has nothing to hide. So undress and enjoy your church.

Go to Biblical Humor. We have funny videos. Some people think the whole website is funny. So enjoy yourself go to a nude beach. Become a nudist, naturist and do what makes you happy. God wants you to be happy. Girls should start off with a real small bikini, then go topless and before you know it your completely undressed on a nude beach playing games of volleyball with hot looking people. Remember, in the sun we're all hot looking people. God loves you, and we at naked church love you too.

Please share with other members information on resort nudist or nudist resorts throughout the world. And maybe your new nudist church, naked church will shoot some nudist video at those resorts and maybe you can meet us there and model for us, that would be the best. As always, amateur models are welcome. God Bless You All and remember to read the Bible every day.
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Your secret confessions !

Why you should become a member of this church !

by Naked church live on 08/19/12

Q. Why should I become a member of naked church

We are not just a church. We are a movement.

Below are the core principles of the church.

A. Nudity / Nudist and sex. 100% okay in God's eyes and our church's eyes.

(With in the laws of the land.)

B. God and our church does not require for you to give 10% of your salary or 8 or 5%, to the church, you can keep 99%, just that you should help other people, financially or any other way.(4 or 5 dollars a week to your church for miscellaneous expenses is fine.)

C. God and our Church is 100% against the Death Penalty, and incarcerated of our Children (Teenagers and Youth ) in jail for life.

D. Freedom of choice, in reference to abortions is 100% between the person and God. (Not the Church, News Network or the Government)

E. God and our church except all, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, lesbians, all the same.

F. naked church has chosen not to be tax exempt, we don't believe in the separation of church and state. We believe our churches have a duty to speak out. Not to remain quiet because of the tax exemption.

G. All members of naked church are anonymous, unless they choose otherwise. Because we are anonymous. We are everywhere. And through this church. We will speak out as a group and we make changes with the help of all anonymous members.

H. Change the world understanding of the Bible and other mankind rules.

I. Your ideas or suggestions could be here as a member.

Express yourself ! Or make helpful comments on other confessions.

by Naked church live on 08/15/12

Come on, don't be shy, this is all anonymous, enter your thoughts, about anything, just please keep it under 500 words and refrain from using any four letter words, we are a church. But you can talk about anything, it off your chest you'll feel better and you may educate somebody, and prevent them from making the same mistakes, or maybe we can help you understand what you did was not really wrong. We are not here to judge you, only God can judge, we are here to help you, understanding you, and just make you feel better as a child of God. So come on, when you waiting for? Express yourself ! Or make helpful comments on other confessions. Constructive criticism is always good. Thank you in advance for your confessions and all comments. Because without you we wouldn't be here. And we are all here together as a family because God chose us to be here.

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by Naked church live on 08/15/12

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