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所有,我們,在美國的中國基?教裸體教會 Live.Com這裡,熱烈歡迎您,
裸教會 live.com是完整的裸體美國全世界的中國教會。
我們生活在赤裸裸的教會,講 100%的英語。在今後,
我們將有越來越多的美國說中國 /亞洲女孩,?費為您的視頻。所以,?在,
我們是世界上最大的美國中國裸體 churche裸體教堂。
 10多年來,我們建立了一個從排???10?美國最好的中國頭號裸體美國中國 /
記?,這是美國的中國裸體教會。 X級或XX級。上??擇了你到這裡來,
Dear Friends, American  Chinese Speaking !
All of us here at the American Chinese Christian Naked Church Live.Com, warmly welcome you and invite you to worship with us regularly. Our American Chinese church is made up of people from many different walks of life around the world and we hope you will feel at home with us. So take off your clothes, get naked and enjoy our nude pastors, chat room and our separate blog where you can enter confessions anonymously. Our American Chinese church is not just a building, but a gathering of people who desire a meaningful relationship with God and each other American Chinese.
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Remember, this is your American Chinese Nude Church. Not X-rated or XX-rated. God chose you to be here, so it's up to you to make the best of it.
Naked church live since 1998 - Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.