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Welcome to the online confessions. Tell us your secrets anonymously or read what secrets and confessions others have share. We are the # 1 Christian Confession website on the Internet.
In our church, we have Blog, which is also a confession area. We call it confessions anonymous. You can say whatever you like and still remain anonymous. By confessing your sins or wrongful acts you will feel better and by confessing you tell the world anonymously that you're sorry. Confessing your sins,  also, can educate other people and preventing them from making the same sin or wrongful act. We at Naked Church Live believe confessing your sins is the first step towards healing. Even though you're confessing your sins anonymously, people can comment and help you heal.  Talking about your confession will help you. We are 100% sure of that, so what are you waiting for? Confess your sins or wrongful acts in our confessions anonymous. First you have to be a member because our confessions anonymous is only for members so it will not be for the whole world to read but it will be for everyone in our church to read and comment on. If you need advice on someone else that committed a sin or a wrongful act, you can confess their sins and maybe other members will give you some ideas to help that person and bring them closer to Christianity. When you confess your sins or somebody else's sins, please do not use any last names. This is all anonymous. You know who you are and you know who you're confessing for so there's no need to leave anyone's last name. Confessions anonymous is exactly that confessing anonymously.
We Are the Number One Place for Confessions.
So Remember:
Confess Your Sins in Wrongful Acts.
Confess Any of the 10 Commandments That You Have Broken.
Confess Any Sex Acts That You Feel Guilty about.
Confess Anything You Just Want to Get off Your Chest.
Confess Any of Your Most Secret Secrets.
Confess Any Sex Acts That You Feel Good about and Just Want to Share with Us.
Confessions Actually Feel Kind of Good to Know That Someone Will Read It and Every Reply to Your Confession is Anonymous.
God Bless You and God Bless Your Confession !
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