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Thank you for visiting Naked Church Live. Click on any girl, picture or any text and enjoy.

Click on Biblical Humor for funny videos. Some of the Christian nudist girls are in bikinis, thongs and panties. Others are topless and completely naked so don't be shy. If you see it on a nude beach you will see it here at our nude internet church. Women, girls, teenagers all 18 and over. Hot young ladies in church with nothing to hide. Our nudist church is fair and balanced like Fox news or any other news network. We are listed as the top 10 best local Christian nudist church, top 10 best free videos for amateur pastors. And the best Nudist Christian church on the Internet. When you become a member you can click on our confessions anonymous, which is like a blog. Go to the chat room and chat with other members. Click on , contact us , and make suggestions on music, movies and how to meet singles. Anything even Asian girls have been also requested. So if you are a Christian naturist or a naturist Christian this nudist church will be for you. God Bless You.

Below are some of the core principles of the church.

A.God and our church accept all, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual and lesbians, equally .
B.Nudity / Nudist and sex. 100% okay in God's eyes and our church's beliefs.
(With in the laws of the land.)
C.God and our church does not require you to tithe 10%, 8% or 5% to the church. You keep 99%, so that you can help other people financially or any other way. ( A contribution of $4.00 or $5.00 to the church per week for miscellaneous expenses is fine.)
D.Freedom of choice, in reference to abortions is 100% between the person and God.
(Not the Church, News Network or the Government)
E.God and our Church is 100% against the Death Penalty, and incarceration of our Children . (Teenagers and Youth in jail for life.)
F.Naked church has chosen not to be tax exempt . We don't believe in the separation of church and state. We believe our churches have a duty to speak out. not remain quiet because of the tax exemption.
G.As a group we can speak out regarding all kinds of issues. Changing political opinions change the way other churches conduct themselves. With your help we can make a difference.

And remember, click on any picture or text and enjoy! This is your new nudist church.
Naked church live since 1998 circa - Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.